Understanding crop nutrition is one of the top concerns of every grower of greenhouse and nursery crops. The proper balance of N-P-K and minor elements is the key to a healthy crop. Sedz offers a range of the fertilizers you need, whether it's slow release, controlled release, water soluble products, or a specialty fertilizer. Furthermore, our staff has the information and knowledge to guide you in choosing the optimal products for your crops.

    FoxFarm® Big Bloom® Fertilizer 0-0.5-0.7 - 32oz - Concentrate - OMRI Listed®

    $23.29 USD

    FoxFarm® Big Bloom® Liquid Plant Food is a carefully selected blend of fertilizers formulated to support multiple blooms and seed formations. This liquid plant food supplies nutrients that your plants...

    FoxFarm® Tiger Bloom® Fertilizer 2-8-4 - 32oz - Concentrate

    $29.99 USD

    FoxFarm Tiger Bloom® is a phosphorus fertilizer that contains Nitrogen to support vigorous growth. It is formulated with a low pH to maintain stability in storage and keep micronutrients available....

    Down To Earth™ Bat Guano 7-3-1 - 2lb - OMRI Listed®

    $16.29 USD

    The undisputed champion of organic fertilizers, Bat Guano 7-3-1 is rich in readily available Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Micronutrients providing essential plant nutrition for vigorous vegetative growth and early fruit and...

    Plant Success Great White - 1oz

    $13.89 USD

    Premium Mycorrhizae with Beneficial Bacteria & Trichoderma. The cutting edge formula contains 16 different species of mycorrhizal fungi, 14 different species of beneficial bacteria and two species of Trichoderma, all-in-one...

    Nectar for The Gods One Shot 3-10-0 - 4lb

    $24.99 USD

    One Shot is a prilled natural fertilizer designed to feed your plants for up to six months depending on application.

    Xtreme Gardening® Mykos®3.5oz

    $4.95 USD

    Mykos® is a fast-growing, beneficial fungus that increases nutrient and water uptake by forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots of a plant. Mykos® is needed to break down, cycle, and retain...

    Xtreme Gardening® Azos® Root Booster - 2oz

    $20.39 USD

    Azos® is a beneficial microbe that forms a symbiotic relationship with your plant, converting atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form that your plants can uptake. nitrogen is critical for forming...

    Greengro™ Biologicals Pride Lands Bloom & Flower 2-5.5-5.5 - 5lb

    $35.99 USD

    Pride Lands Bloom combines turn of the century dry amendment farming techniques, Native American agriculture, and progressive microbe technologies. This dry fertilizer is a complete bloom food that includes good...

    Greengro™ Biologicals Pride Lands Veg 6-3-3.5 - 5lb

    $35.99 USD

    Pride Lands Veg food is a premium blend of dry amendments, microbes, biochar, and mycorrhiza. Building on their commitment to utilizing turn of the century farming methods and Native American...

    Big Foot™ Mycorrhizae Concentrate - 4oz

    $17.99 USD

    Big Foot™ Concentrate is a water-in product. Helps the plant form a root surface area up to 1000 times normal size. This leads to increased plant health, vigor, survivability, pathogen...

    DaKine 420 CalMag - 200g

    $17.49 USD

    Coco Coir is exceedingly popular because of its high cation exchange capacity (CEC)–or ability to store and exchange nutes for weed. But if you don’t buffer that growing medium with...

    BioAG Ful-Power® - 32oz (1qt) - OMRI Listed®

    $29.99 USD

    Purified fulvic acid made via a special enzymatic reaction. Works in all pH ranges and all systems. Clean and Powerful! Improves plant biological functions from roots to flowers to fruits....

    Jack's® Nutrients 15-0-0 Calcium Nitrate Part B Fertilizer - 1kg (2.2lb)

    $24.99 USD

    The Jack’s Boost line is all the little extras for your crop without the calculations or mixing mistakes. Do you need calcium, extra micros, or extra iron? These supplements arrived...

    Jack's® Nutrients 5-12-26 Part A Fertilizer - 1kg (2.2lb)

    $24.99 USD

    Promotes the growth of leaves and strong roots. Blended with purely soluble and available nutrients to allow the grower maximum flexibility. Specific mixtures of macro, secondary and micronutrients deliver an...

    FoxFarm® Grow Big® Fertilizer 6-4-4 - 32oz - Concentrate

    $29.99 USD

    Grow Big® liquid concentrate fertilizer supports lush vegetative growth. The special brew is designed to enhance plant size and structure, allowing for more abundant fruit, flower, and bud development. It...

    Detroit Nutrient Company Vermicompost 100% Worm Castings - 25lb

    $42.99 USD

    These worm castings set the standard for quality in vermicompost. The worms are fed a fixed diet and left to create a high-quality casting that is excellent for use in...

    Crown Jewels Bloom 1-4-2 - 5lb

    $29.99 USD

    Crown Jewels Bloom Fertilizer was designed to be used in conjunction with the Royal Gold Growing Mediums, or any other native soil or potting media to facilitate vigorous growth and...

    Crown Jewels Grow 3-2-2 - 5lb

    $29.99 USD

    Crown Jewels Grow is ideal for adjusting all Royal Gold Growing Mediums, native soils, or potting media prior to planting, and as a top-dressing during the vegetative stages of plant...

    Earth Juice® Rainbow Mix™ PRO Bloom 8-6-3 - 5lb

    $31.99 USD

    Contains a powerful blend of ingredients with mycorrhizae and other beneficial microbes. Promotes vigorous stem and leaf growth. Formulated to be used on indoor and outdoor plants.

    Earth Juice® Rainbow Mix™ PRO Grow 8-6-3 - 5lb

    $30.99 USD

    Contains a powerful blend of ingredients with mycorrhizae and other beneficial microbes. Promotes vigorous stem and leaf growth. Formulated to be used on indoor and outdoor plants.

    Down To Earth™ Oyster Shell - 5lb - OMRI Listed®

    $11.99 USD

    Oyster Shell flour is an all-natural source of high quality calcium that is ground into varying particle sizes to ensure an immediate and sustained release of this valuable nutrient. Calcium...

    Down To Earth™ Bio-Live™ 5-4-2 - 5lb - OMRI Listed®

    $11.99 USD

    Bio-Live™ is a rich, organic fertilizer mix infused with a generous amount of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi to stimulate rooting, vigor and optimum plant development. Bio-Live encourages rapid colonization...

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