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    Sedz Hydroponics Growing System - Indoor Hydroponic Garden with Nutrients, Grow Sponges - Grow Plants up to 34.25" - Smart Flower, Herb Garden - Easy Gardening System - Elegant Hydroponic Kit – Black

    $149.95 USD

    Do Not Buy An Indoor Gardening System Before You Read This!Want to grow organic veggies in your kitchen? Looking for a reliable indoor plant growing system?Presenting An Elite Indoor Garden...

    SunBlaster™ T5HO Micro Growlight Garden

    $112.99 USD

    Same features as the Growlight Garden but in a reduced footprint making it ideal for those with limited space. Grow what you love, love what you grow - all year...

    Sedz Hydroponic Grow System Replacement Kit - (15) Pods, (15) Caps, (15) Pod Holders, (1) Bottle Nutrient A, (1) Bottle Nutrient B

    $12.95 USD

    Replacement kit for Sedz Hydroponic Grow System.  Kit includes 15 Pods, 15 Caps, 15 Pod Holders, 1 bottle of plant food nutrient A, 1 bottle of plant food nutrient B.

    Eco-Friendly Seed Starter Replacement Pods - 50 Piece

    $12.95 USD

    Replacement pods for Sedz hydroponic growing system.

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