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Helping you grow your own wellness at home!

Born out of a desire to help you get fresh food from the comfortable confines of your home, Sedz is a Pennsylvania-based supplier of indoor gardening products. We provide a huge range of grow tents, fertilizers, nutrients, seeds, containers, and more to turn your indoor gardening ideas into reality.

If you live in a city, you probably know how difficult it is to get garden-fresh, all-natural fruits and vegetables. Some people even try to grow seeds, but the lack of space and traditional gardening environment prevents them from achieving desired results.

Now, imagine growing your favorite plants inside your home without a spacious yard. What if you could optimize the growing environment’s conditions to produce healthier, fresher plants and pick the produce whenever you need?

By providing high-quality hydroponic systems and indoor growing products, we’re enabling you to cultivate a vibrant, healthy garden inside your home. Buy from us today and experience a greener way to grow.  

Why You Should Choose Sedz?

At Sedz, our passion for enriching your diet with healthy food can be felt in every product we offer. Our years of experience in the hydroponic industry have allowed us to supply premium-quality products that not only yield higher efficiency but also last longer.

We pride ourselves on having two retail locations in Pennsylvania from where we ship all across the USA. We’re also keen listeners and comprehensively guide you over the selection of the products per your unique goals. With us, your convenience comes first!

Benefits of Hydroponic Systems for Indoor Growing

Hydroponic systems are less likely to be infected by pests, require less water, and provide 50% more yield compared to other growing methods. Similarly, you’d save money that you’d otherwise have spent buying expensive products from grocery stores.

Lastly, this method gives you complete control over humidity, temperature, and light levels, enabling you to maintain a constant climate and grow your favorite plants year-round.  

Don’t let limited space come in your way of gardening and watch your plants flourish.

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